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Dry drill can be a good solution to the use of water is not convenient, but also pay attention to the use of precautions when using

1: Pay attention to the back and forth pull insert, do not for the speed of the picture, be careful of dry powder jam drills.

2: The drill bit must be stable, do not shake left and right, because you shake at the same time, equivalent to increasing the friction of the drill bit.

3: Don’t try to hit the end of the shot and pay attention to the strength. when you press down. When it’s hard to hit or when you’re falling slowly, be sure to pull out the drill and observe if there’s a brick core that’s broken in the drill.

4: When there is no water pipe or water source, it is good not to use water in the drill bit and then drill this method to drill holes, because only a small amount of water, the water will stick to the powder, forming a slime. Increase the friction of the drill bit, which is more difficult than dry or water strike.

The above is about the rhinestone drilling dry drilling method, hope to everyone to carry out rhinestone drilling has help.In addition, the purchase of rhinestones is also particular, the first look at the power, the size of the power directly determines the size of the large hole, and secondly, whether with a safety clutch or electronic protection rhinestones can avoid harming the user.

Our dry drill has two styles, one is with chute dry drill, chute can quickly remove impurities, used for hard concrete and so on, the other is without chute, there will not be too much dust flying around in use, of course, you should choose the right dry drill according to the conditions suitable for your use.

Post time: Mar-10-2023