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Under the impact of the epidemic situation for several consecutive years, our company has overcome various difficulties, completed every order on time and with quality and quantity, without delaying the delivery date of any customer, and the company’s sales increased by 20% compared with last year.

In the first half of 2023, our company will carry out a series of upgrades to product quality, including product life, more convenient use methods, and a new improvement in services.

In the middle of 2023, the company’s production line will also be further optimized. We will improve three fully automatic production lines, using imported professional equipment from Germany and Japan. Meanwhile, the new equipment independently developed by the company can also be put into use in the middle of the year. After these improvements, we will meet the further improvement of product quality and ensure the stability of product quality.

In 2023, we will also carry out technical consulting activities around the world, especially for the special specifications of the products that customers need, we can have a professional team to meet the requirements of each customer, need to know more Welcome to call our official phone or email.                  

In 2023, we also attach great importance to the customization of unconventional products to meet the different needs of different customers, so if there is a need for unconventional products, customers will receive free consulting services in our company.

HBKEEN products combine in-depth metallurgical knowledge, innovative engineering capabilities, wide application experience as well as flexible and advanced manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to create a wide range of tailor made solutions for customers around the world.

HBKEEN’S superior Quality System reduces equipment, material and human variance factors, ensuring consistent quality products and processes.

Finally, I hope you all have a good day and We can build a long-term relationship in 2023.

Post time: Jan-16-2023